Don't be a bystander to harassment and hate crime. Put a stop to antisocial behaviour with the new eyewitness app.


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Collects photographic, video or audio evidence of an incident

Time and geo-stamps all evidence automatically

Sends your evidence, anonymously, to the relevant police force

My Story


Beverly Thomas is the mother of Charlene Ellis who was killed in Birmingham in 2003.

"I found the eyewitness app absolutely fantastic! In 2003 when these 4 girls were gunned down in the streets of Birmingham this app would have played a useful role for vital information at that time. There was so much information coming through me as the victim when it could have been directed through an app like this. Intimidation and threats played a big part when my daughter Charkene Ellis and her friend Letisha Shakespeare were killed. I feel this app could have cut down time delays in the investigation and also given the witnesses peace of mind. There are so many people affected by crime in our communities and I feel that this app will break down barriers where people hesitate to give evidence and confide in the police. It can also help to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour when people know that this app is so hands on and reports instantly."

Khalid Mahmood MP.

“With smartphones so popular amongst most generations especially young people, the eyewitness app helps link active citizens to police in a safe, secure and streamlined way. This Birmingham created app could revolutionise police & community relations and the anonymity function can help remedy under-reporting of hate crime & anti-social behaviour. I'm proud to be associated with this Birmingham creation providing UK wide solutions and will be supporting its' adoption as parliamentary champion.”

Khurram and Co Solicitors

“I wish you every success with this app as it could significantly assist those people who feel vulnerable and targeted.”

Javed Iqbal - Chair - Birmingham Asian Resource Centre

“With online reporting likely to replace 3rd Party Reporting Centres over the next few years and many people preferring to report anonymously, we think this ingenious app is likely to help our clients and many who experience antisocial behaviour and hate crime. It's simple to use and reduces the need to complete lengthy forms - very useful for Black & minority ethnic communities for whom English may be their 2nd language. The automated location and time functions are likely to be as helpful to the police as they are to users.”

Brap, an equalities charity, inspiring and leading change to make organisations fit for a diverse society

“Over 600 hate crimes take place on the streets of England and Wales every day. Yet only a fraction of these get reported. This app is a great way of putting power in people’s pockets by ensuring they have a safe and straightforward way of gathering evidence about a crime they’ve experienced. I hope this app encourages people to speak out about abuse and violence, whether they’re victims or witnesses.”

“With the rise of Islamophobia this service is much needed for British Muslims especially our sisters who these cowards regularly approach. While many just moan, complain and do nothing maximum respect is due to the founders of the eyewitness app with a positive solution.”

Safety First

Do not compromise your personal safety by using this app inappropriately

If you believe someone’s life is in imminent danger, a threat of serious injury, a serious crime in progress, or an emergency situation, call 999 immediately

Alternatively call 101 if it is not an emergency

Don’t be a ‘have-a-go-hero’ unless you really know what you are doing

Help the victim but only if and when it is safe to do so

Deliberately creating false/misrepresented evidence is likely to be discovered and may lead to criminal or civil action against you

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